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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Satin Strands 100% Human Hair


What is the difference between Remy and Non Remy Hair?

Remy is the highest quality of human hair extensions, meaning that all of the hair’s cuticles are intact and aligned in one direction. This reduces tangling, making the extensions last longer with proper care. Non Remy hair does not undergo the same process so it may not last as long as Remy hair.

Which type of extensions and which application method is best?

Review the basics about the various techniques and hair types before you decide which extensions to purchase. Consider the condition of your hair, desired results and length of time you want to wear the hair extensions.

How much will it cost to put in hair extensions?

The cost of hair extensions varies depending on the style you desire, the technique used and the maintenance routine followed. The more difficult and time-consuming the technique, such as strand-by-strand fusion hair bonding and intricate braiding or weaving, the higher the cost will be. Quicker techniques, such as bonding, cost less, but don’t last as long. Clip-in extensions and ready-to-wear hairpieces can be applied at home with no application cost.

How long can I keep my hair extensions in?

This depends on the technique used. For example, the bonding/gluing technique (2-4 weeks) will not last as long as the tape, fusion, or weaving (6-8 weeks) techniques. Always consider how long you want to wear your hair extensions to decide which application technique is best for you.

How much hair should I use?

A. Most full head applications use 150 to 250 grams depending on length and fullness.
—Suggested use for Sassy, Satin Strands weft hair: 1 1/2 to 2 packs for full head application.
—Suggested use for Satin Strands fusion hair: 10 to 20 packs
—Suggested use for Satin Strands tape-in hair: 3 to 4 packs